Restrictions and Use Procedures:

If you purchase a quarter share, your ownership would start at 4pm on the Friday and end at 10am the following Friday.

You come to the Coffee House at Summit West to sign the key pouch out for the unit, and upon departure bring the pouch and its contents back to the Coffee House.  This serves 2 purposes - 1. To ensure all keys are returned (an owner may not keep keys to the unit once their week is up) and 2. It allows the booking to be checked out so HSKP can clean the unit.

All units are pet free.  All units are non-smoking.

Your ownership is basically every 4th week, being an A, B, C or D week owner. 

You can swap weeks with another owner, if they approve.

Any personal effects must be removed at the end of your stay, or stored in your designated storage area.

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